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Bedwetting & Chiropractic


Bedwetting can be distressing for young children and teenagers and frustrating for parents washing bed sheets and dealing with alarms and retraining. It can also lead to social and emotional stress for the child.


It is not unusual for children under the age of 4 to have poor bladder control, however after the age of four, bedwetting may be a sign of an underlying problem.


Chiropractic is a safe and natural way to assist in restoring the nerve supply to the bladder that may effect normal bladder function.


Gentle chiropractic care my often assist in reducing the severity of symptoms and bedwetting challenges.



Published Reports

  • The Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics document many studies showing the positive benefits of chiropractic care.

  • A study of 46 children received chiropractic care for a 10-week period. A quarter of those receiving chiropractic care had 50% or more reduction in the wet night frequency, while none amongst the control group saw a reduction. (JMPT 1994 (Nov-Dec);17 (9): 596-600 )

  • Children with a history of persistent bed-wetting received eight chiropractic adjustments. Number of wet nights fell from seven per week to four. (JMPT 1991 (Feb);14 (2): 110-115)

  • The lumbar spine of an eight-year-old male bed wetter was adjusted once and at a one-month follow-up. There was a complete resolution of enuresis. “This happened in a manner that could not be attributed to time or placebo effect.” (JMPT 1994 (Jun);17 (5): 335-338)

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