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Our Role. Port Melbourne Chiropractic for families & children wellbeing focussing on musculoskeletal issues and injuries

Chiropractic For The Whole Family


Family Chiropractic stands true to it’s name, which means we provide gentle chiropractic care for the whole family and may help reduce the severity of symptoms. From new born’s to the elderly, everybody may people of all ages may benefit from a Chiropractic checkup.


  • Coming soon conditions helped for adults



Chiropractic Care for Kids


While a child's spine and body is incredibly flexible and mobile, even minor stressors can impact the function of their spine, creating tension and subluxations. A chiropractic check up for your kids (babies to teenagers) may help optimise your childs health and development, especially when we are part of your childs entire team of health care professionals (doctor, paediatrician, dentist, counsellor, parents support etc)


  •  Coming soon conditons/symptoms that may be helped for children




Call Port Melbourne Chiropractic for Family, Baby, Melbourne & Child practitioner on 9646 8600.


Dr. Jim has a professional Interest in musculoskeletal issues in families: mums, dads, babies, children and teenagers

Port Melbourne Families Chiropractor