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Your health: Your Spine & Nervous System

The Natural State of Your Mind and Body is Health.


True health is when your body works as it was designed.


Feeling Great


Most people think that how they feel is an indicator of how healthy they are. It’s not true.


Let’s say you unknowingly eat some spoiled food. Later you get stomach cramps and vomit. You certainly don’t feel well, but thankfully your body is functioning correctly. Imagine the tragic consequences of taking a drug to calm your stomach, retaining the toxic food!


"Vomiting, sneezing, coughing and even fevers may actually be signs that your body is working correctly: the definition of true health!"



Functioning Great





Your brain, spinal cord and all of your nerves control and regulate your body. Every cell, tissue, organ and system (even your immune system!) take orders from your nervous system.


Thus, true health is how well your nervous system is orchestrating the workings of your body. That’s why subluxations are so serious! Compromised brain-to-body or body-to-brain communications can be the underlying cause of a variety of health problems.


Many people with a spinal problem discover that other health problems resolve with chiropractic care. Patients often report that as their care progresses, they notice other positive changes in their health.


So what is health?


True health is when your functional or metabolic efficiency of living is at your best.

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Discover your inner healing at the

Melbourne Chiropractic & Bedding Clinic, Wellness Centre

We were designed and born with an innate potential to heal ourself from within. We are pre-programmed to heal with internal self regulation and to be healthy. Just like if you cut yourself, within a few days the cut is healed. Break a bone and within a few weeks the bone is healed.


Why then, do some people have disease while others do not? Why do some children have colds hat runs through school while some of their class mates do not? How is it that two people can work in the same office side by side yet one has constant allergies and colds while their neighbour stays healthy? How is it that two people can live in the same house, possibly even twins or a husband and wife; eat the same foods, breathe the same air, yet one gets sick while the other does not?


This has to do with each person’s ability to express their full potential. We all have a wonderful innate potential to heal and to be healthy. It is when we are not expressing our full potential that we begin to manifest dis-ease. When you are not expressing your full potential, even though you may feel okay in the moment, your body is in a state of dis-ease. There is unease, disharmony within you. Dis-ease leads to DISEASE.


Your spinal cord is your main "super information highway". Block off any part of the highway and your full potential will not be expressed. The resulting traffic jam is what leads to a state of dis-ease in your body, which includes lowered expression of your potential, lowered resistance to disease and then disease itself.


To find out more about expressing your full potential, healing and staying healthy naturally you are welcome to ask Dr. Jim or one of the team members at the Melbourne Chiropractic and Bedding Clinic. He has been helping families stay healthy for over 17 years.

Understanding your health, spine & nervous system at the Melbourne Chiropractic & Bedding Clinic

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Spine and Nervous System