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Melbourne Chiropractor Jim Skivalidas provides gentle chiropractic care

What different techniques does the melbourne chiropractor port melbourne provide?


What different techniques does the melbourne chiropractor port melbourne provide?


The melbourne chiropractor in port melbourne provides gentle chiropractic care. Specifically:


- Activator chiropractic Care (with an activator instrument)

- SOT chiropractic (using the wedges or blocks)

- Chiropractic Kinesiology (the muscle tests)


The technique of  choice used by the melbourne chiropractor, pleases the clients and keeps them happy with our services. Hence they refer their family and friends. This is one of the reasons why parents and child care takers bring in babies to our clinic and why our senior citizens love our effective gentle chiropractic care, with the melbourne chiropractor port melbourne.

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Melbourne chiropractor, Port Melbourne, Jim Skivalidas, provides chiropractic care to people of all ages (babies to the very senior years) regardless of pain and symptoms. Get your spine checked by Jim, melbourne chiropractor - port melbourne.


Discover gentle chiropractic for yourself. Call the melbourne chiropractor today on (03) 9646 8600 and see how melbourne chiropractor, Jim Skivalidas can provide safe and gentle care to your entire family.