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Melbourne chiropractor also trained in kinesiology. Discover kinesiology for you?

Welcome to Kinesiology and optimal wellbeing as talked about by melbourne chiropractor, Dr. Jim in Australia.


Kinesiology and chiropractic go hand in hand. In fact kinesiology was born from the magical work of Dr. Goodheart during the 1950s in the USA.


Our melbourne chiropractor combines gentle chiropractic care with applied kinesiology concepts, to create a holistic approach address physical, emotional and chemical wellbeing,.


Call the melbourne chiropractor on (03) 9646 8600 and experience kinesiology combined with low force, gentle chiropractic.

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Melbourne chiropractor in Port Melbourne, Jim Skivalidas, is also a kinesiologist. Discover how kinesiology can help you. Book with Jim, melbourne chiropractor - port melbourne.


Discover how you kinesiology can help you. Call the melbourne chiropractor today on (03) 9646 8600 and see how melbourne chiropractor, Jim Skivalidas can help balance you. Got any nutritional or stress challenges?