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NET - Kinesiology | Mind Body Holistic Approach


A harmonious approach to life means a balanced approach to your health and wellbeing. We look at the different factors which can contribute to less than optimal health or specific health issues.


There are four main factors which can affect your health, a holistic approach covers various factors and is the best way to achieve your maximum health potential.

PHYSICAL CAUSE : Structural misalignment and malfunction in the body (known as structural stress) caused from old injuries and how you sit, stand, walk and sleep.  Chiropractic adjustments, muscle work and postural exercises can correct and stablise the structural balance of your spine and skeletal framework.


Assisting physical ailments including neck and back pain, shoulder and arm discomfort, sporting injuries, chronic ankle, knee, elbow and wrist problems, jaw (TMJ) issues in conjunction with dental work.


EMOTIONAL CAUSE : Our behaviour and feelings about people and relationships change our physiology. Kinesiology and Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET) is an effective way of reducing the effect of stress on your body.


Assisting with chronic physical problems which don’t respond to traditional treatments, feeling frustrated in a working or personal environment, building better relationships, and may including feelings of anger and fear.


NUTRITIONAL CAUSE :  When not having the right nutrition, your body cannot perform at its best. Eating the right food allows us to absorb the right nutrients. I aim to educate you to make the right nutritional choices and supplements where necessary. Having the body metabolising the nutrition with the gut working properly so that you can digest and assimilate nutrients.


Assisting in helping you lose weight permanently, strengthen chronically weakened muscles and ligaments, control allergies, boost energy, better sleeping, improved results from exercise, stop sugar cravings (balance blood sugar).


TOXIC CAUSE : Toxins are an increasing part of our environment and if we cannot eliminate them or are overloaded with them in our body, we will see signs of toxicity. Homeopathic remedies are time tested and effective detoxifiers.


Assisting in chronic physical issues which don’t respond to traditional treatments, control allergies, stop sugar cravings, balance the bacteria in our digestive tract and hormonal imbalances


iadjust method : living in optimal wellness and harmony


innovate | safe, effective, low force care from babies to the elderly as well as integrative health so that we work side by side with your general practitioner or choice of practitioner


adjustment breakthrough. Hippocrates, the father of medicine practiced a form of ancient art of adjusting the body and spine. The founder of modern chiropractic, DD Palmer, acknowledged his greek ancestors. Adjusting the spine and body, aims to bring your body back to order and allow the nervous to express fully, so allowing your body to function and heal optimally.


drink, eat and supplement your body's needs. It is imperative to

- drink naturally fresh alkaline and mineralised water to help hydrate your body, your discs and other tissues

- eat a well balanced and timed nutritional intake of proportioned proteins, carbs and fats for energy

- supplement with practitioner range nutrient as necessary


joint posture and exercise

- Left and right of the body training (brain integration)

- Optimum standing posture with Dr Jim’s orthotics feet program as well as walking posture

- Dr Jim’s Gymstick exercise program core work posture


unite your mind with your body

-Balance and harmonise negative charges with NET chiropractic

-The concept of gratitude of the heart, certainty and prescence of the mind


sleeping well and aligned

-Aligned and hygienic

-Ensuring you sleep on the correct mattress and pillow.


toxic elimination

-Preservatives, additives in food and alcohol, coffee.

- Gluten, dairy, wheat free eating styles for detoxing.

-Trust and embrace clinics philosophy.

Mind Body Holistic Approach | iadjust method

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