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Pregnancy Massage Melbourne

At the Melbourne Chiropractic & Bedding Clinic we explain that massage provides many benefit for the pregnant woman. With extensive body changes and extra tension in the muscular skeletal sytem, caused by hormones and a shift in your centre of gravity, having massages can be the difference between a miserable pregnancy and having a great life experience.



Pregnancy massage can be done in different ways. Pregnant women may lie on their sides to be massaged, and they can actually lie on their bellies, since a specially designed pillow or cushion has made it possible for expectant mums to lie flat on their stomachs and feel relaxed and comfortable pregnant belly.


After the first 25 weeks of pregnancy, lying flat on your back could cause pressure on deep blood vessels, due to the growing baby, thereby reducing some circulation. To avoid this problem, pillows can be used to ensure that you are lying in a comfortable side-lying position. Body pillows are especially effective for the side-lying position. Pregnant women can also be massage for short periods of time in a semi-sitting position using pillows.



Massage during pregnancy can reduce peripheral swelling, help to prevent insomnia, reduce muscle cramps and back pain, and soothe the nervous system.


Regular massages during pregnancy can also shorten labour time and make the return of your optimal fitness easier. During labour, massage is an effective pain relief tool. Ask about how your partner can massage you during labour, and what other beneficial natural techniques you can use to have a rewarding birth experience.


Massage can be performed anywhere from 40 minutes to 90 minutes, depending on how much discomfort you are experiencing. Once a week during the second trimester is great, and twice a week or more, during the third trimester is wonderful. Massage help ease recurring problems during this period of pregnancy, such as sciatica, leg cramps, and back and shoulder pain. Pregnancy massage melbourne care eases alot of discomfort pregnancy can bring.


Pregnancy Massage at the Melbourne Chiropractic & Bedding Clinic

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