Psoas Release Melbourne

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55 Rouse St Port Melbourne

Psoas Release treatment at Melbourne Chiropractic and Bedding Clinic

Psoas Release Melbourne

Discover 3 Reasons How You Can Get Relief, Improved Posture and Stretching With Dr. Jims Psoas Release Melbourne Technique.

Safe, effective, and innovative natural relief to the psoas muscle and surrounding musculoskeletal tissues, with Dr. Jim's Psoas Release Melbourne technique. Trusted with 15+ years of clinical experience, Dr. Jim, Psoas Release Melbourne has worked effectively with athletes, trainers, schools, sports teams, and families.

Holistic & Wellness Chiropractic approach, with Dr. Jim's Psoas Release Melbourne Technique. Going beyond symptom relief and looking at physical, emotional, chemical, and toxic causes of psoas - postural - body imbalance, pain, tiredness, and discomfort. Psoas Release Melbourne believes in integrative health and working with your doctor, physio, osteo, naturopath, yoga practitioners to get well and stay well.

Dr. Jim's Psoas Release Melbourne Technique is complimented by the profound effect of chiropractic adjustment and the phenomenal healing capacity of your body and lifestyle dream for wellbeing factors. People of all walks of life including family health, children's health, and fertility issues, and not only elite sports people can benefit from Dr. Jim's Psoas Release Melbourne and the profound effects of chiropractic.

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Psoas Release Melbourne is located at

55 Rouse St Port Melbourne (Corner with Johnston St) with plenty of off-street parking.

Transport options to Psoas Release Melbourne are:

Light Rail Tram 109 to Port Melbourne (stop at Graham St or North Port).

Buses 234 & 236 (City to Port Melbourne), 606 (St Kilda to Port Melbourne).

No. 1 Tram to South Melbourne beach.