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Subluxation & Causes of Subluxation

What is a Subluxation?


At the Melbourne Chiropractic & Bedding Clinic we explain subluxation a distortion of your spine and structural system that stresses your brain, spinal cord, nerves, joints, ligaments, muscles, internal organs and other tissues.


Subluxation is a word describing the condition of the body where it's functioning and thriving at less than optimum and there is loss of wholeness, lowered resistance to disease, lack of energy, loss of height and premature aging.  It is also described as a state in which there is an imbalance or blocked energy.  A body that is subluxated is similar to a plant that is receiving only partial amounts of the water, sunshine, and nutrients that it needs.  It may be alive but not thriving.


Subluxations occur for numerous reasons- physical, mental and chemical traumas- and at all ages.  Sporting injuries, falls/accidents, poor posture, stress, finances, junk food, drugs (prescription and non-prescription), even the birth process are among some of the most common causes of subluxation.


Surprisingly, a subluxation may be painless and you may never know its there while it damages your health.



Your body's natural healing ability has been documented to heal nearly any disease or condition.  When your body is free from subluxations, your self-healing ability is better able to deal with all your health problems.


Call Melbourne Chiropractic & Bedding Clinic and schedule a time for a subluxation check.

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Holistic Chiropractic care for Adults


Holistic Chiropractic care is a natural approach for optimizing your health and quality of life. With gentle adjustments to the spine, we strengthen muscle and release the misalignments and tensions that build up in your body over the course of time.


    Acute and chronic low back pain

    Prevention of headaches and migraines

    Joint conditions - general aches and pains



Common causes of misalignments in the spine are physical and emotional stress, typical of our modern day.


Physical stress can be the result of direct physical trauma from a fall or a car accident. What is more common and the least recognised is the everyday indirect physical stress on our body, from poor posture such as leaning over your computer keyboard or falling asleep in an arkward position. Physical stress can result in muscle tightening or loss of muscle tone, which can contribute to joint and disc problems in the spine, ultimately resulting in the nerve disturbances that cause stiffnesss, pain and immobility.


Emotional Stress is less tangible and often goes unrecognised. Emotional stress includes worrying over finances, grief, anger or frustration that results in tension in the body, particularly in any areas that are already weakened or overworked, for example the neck and shoulders.


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Subluxation & Causes of Subluxation