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As Chiropractor Port Melbourne, I appreciate that some people may feel somewhat nervous about seeing a Chiropractor Port Melbourne for the first time. Please rest assured however, Chiropractic enjoys amongst the highest patient satisfaction rates, cost-effectiveness, safety profiles & effectiveness of all the health professions*. For example the 1994 Harris Poll found that patients were more satisfied with chiropractic care than care from medical doctors and other health care professionals.

Those who sought care from a chiropractor, like a chiropractor in Port Melbourne, were more likely to be very satisfied with their care than those who visited any other practitioner. (choices were between chiropractic doctors, medical doctors, physical therapists, or osteopathic doctors) of those who have seen both types of practitioner, the majority were more likely to be more satisfied with the care of the chiropractor than with that of the medical doctor.


Personally, I think it is because as a chiropractor Port Melbourne I am far more inspired in you as a person than I am in simply dealing with whatever symptom or complaint you may have at any moment in time. At your initial assessment I am interested in finding out about you, your life, and how you may have come to arrive at your current position in the lifelong journey we call health.

We Take Your Health Seriously!

As your Chiropractor Port Melbourne team, we take your health very seriously and provide you with all the information you will need to help you make an informed decision about how you wish to take care of your health.

You can also rest assured that you will receive a thorough examination and that no care shall be provided without:

  • Your Permission to Receive Care
  • Your Understanding of the Goals of Any Care Plan
  • Without a High Likelihood of Care Being Both Safe & Effective
  • In Some Cases Further Diagnostic Tests (Eg X-rays, Ct, Mri Etc.) Will Be Required to Be Absolutely Safe and Thorough in Your Case
  • We Will Break Down Each of Your Appointments in Our Office in Greater Details in the Subsequent Tabs 1st Visit, 2nd Visit Etc.
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I hope this goes some way to allaying any fear you may have regarding Chiropractic Care in this office and leaves you optimistic that we will be able to help you attain or maintain optimal levels of health. We look forward to serving you soon!

We’re happy to field phone calls to answer any question not answered here.

Please call Chiropractor Port Melbourne today.

Yours in Better Health,

Dr Jim Skivalidas, Chiropractor Port Melbourne